Brand Equity and Customer satisfaction: The Moderating Effects of Social Media Advertising in Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria


  • Usman Moyosore Tijani
  • Mustapha Tosin Balogun
  • Olubusola Temiloluwa Oyekunle
  • Ademola Ibraheem Lawal


Brand equity, Customer satisfaction, Hospitality industry, Social media advertising


Business practices have become more intricate and dynamic as a result of the internet
revolution. There is no denying that internet and social media use are now fundamental to
successful company practices. Using social media to market one's hotel and interact with
guests has become the norm in the hospitality sector. This study examines the effect of brand
equity and customer satisfaction with the moderating effects of social media advertising and
in hotel industry with the aid of survey research method. Using a self-administered
questionnaire with the aid of Google form on 353. A random sample of social media users in
Nigeria's Lagos State who follow the Sheraton Hotel between September and October 2023.
The results of Hieratical Regression analysis, percentages, and frequency distributions all
pointed to the fact that brand equity plays a significant role in maintaining customer
satisfaction in the hotel industry. Thus, it is recommended that firm in the hospitality industry
should increase customer satisfaction by focusing on brand perception, perceived quality,
and physical environment.