Effects of Training and Development on Employees’ Productivity in the Nigerian Parastaltals: A Study of Lagos State Water Corporation


  • Julius Olatoye Adeleye
  • Olusoji James George


Training and Development, Employees’ Productivity, Employees’ Effectiveness


In this study, the productivity of employees in Nigerian parastatals was investigated with reference
to the Lagos State Water Corporation. This investigation used a questionnaire as its approach.
The questionnaire was sent using the convenience sampling approach. Tables and percentages
were used to assess the bio-data that were obtained using this instrument. Regression analysis and
the percentage were used, respectively, to assess the hypotheses and research issues. The
effectiveness, revenue, job satisfaction, and productivity of employees in the Corporation were
found to be significantly impacted by training and development. Therefore, it was advised that
training and development be provided to the right workers in order to increase productivity in all