The Impact of Mission Statements on Organisational Performance


  • Owolabi Lateef Kuye
  • Kelechukwu Nodirim Ezebuiro


Mission statement, Vision statement, Organisational performance


This study investigated the impact of mission statements on organizational performance using
selected small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) to show how various mission statements
and models affect organizational performance in Nigeria. The descriptive survey method was
used in estimating the model and the primary data was generated with the aid of distributed
questionnaire to two hundred SMEs respondents in Lagos State, which were selected through
judgemental sampling technique. From the mean, standard deviation analysis and paired
sample test, the study showed that there is a great impact of mission statements on
organizational performance. From a conceptual perspective the variables that were analysed
include motivation, employee commitment and direction of the organization to the future. The
research was therefore able to find out that mission statements impacted these variables
positively which in turn greatly improved organizational performance. The study then
recommended that since mission statement is key to organisational performance;
management should ensure that factors that improve quality of mission statements like key
stakeholders, components, and objectives of the organization should be put in place. It was
also recommended that mission statements should be crafted in such a manner so as to
motivate the employee, elicit their commitment and show a direction for the future progress
of the organization.